Arcadia posterArcadia

by Tom Stoppard

26 October to 4 November 2017

Arcadia takes place in the stately home of Lord & Lady Croom in Derbyshire in two separate times: the Regency period and the present. 1809 finds a household in transition, where an Arcadian English garden landscape is being uprooted to make way for picturesque Gothic gardens, complete with hermitage. Meanwhile, brilliant thirteen-year-old Lady Thomasina proposes a startling scientific theory that is only starting to be figured out more than 200 years later. In the present day, we find the descendants of Lord and Lady Croom and two competing scholars researching a possible scandal at the estate in 1809 involving Lord Byron. What results is a brilliant comedy the New York Times called, ‘the perfect blend of brains and emotion, wit and heartache’ in which everyone tries to puzzle over the meaning of the universe, and each, in his own way, is blindsided by the attraction that Newton left out of his equations.



Septimus Hodge Aaron Holmes
Thomasina Croom Charlotte Leonard
Lady Croom Jane Monaghan
Augustus Croom/Gus Coverly Ryan Mullen
Richard Noakes Keith Orton
Hannah Jarvis Tamsin Reeve
Bernard Nightingale Jay Rolfe
Valentine Coverly Chris Spear
Chloe Coverly Pamela Cuthill
Director Niall Monaghan