The Thrill of Love poster web


by Amanda Whittington

21 to 30 October 2021

Tickets: £10 on opening night; £12 on all subsequent performances

A hostess in the West End 'gentlemen’s clubs’, Ruth Ellis works hard, plays hard and dreams of a movie-star life. Yet in 1955, the self-styled ‘blonde bombshell’ is convicted of murder and becomes the last woman to be hanged in Great Britain.

Ruth’s crime is re-examined in the light of the society she lived in and the experiences that led to her shooting her lover. Through the eyes of film noir Detective Inspector Gale – and the haunting voice of Billie Holiday – The Thrill of Love explores the enigma of Ruth Ellis: a woman whose short but explosive life still resonates.

Contains sounds of gunshots and flashing lights


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Ruth Ellis Lara Askew
Jack Gale Jan Kool
Sylvia Shaw Gail Bishop
Vickie Martin Lucinda Banton
Doris Judd Lauren Cudjoe
Director Peter Shore