London Suite posterLondon Suite

by Neil Simon

21 March to 30 March 2019

4 mini-plays from one of America’s greatest comic playwrights, all set in the same room of a London hotel. An inebriated Welsh writer who has a score to settle with his crooked business manager. A daughter who sends her widowed mother out on a date with a Scotsman on their last night in the city. A bittersweet reunion between divorcees Diana and Sidney. A couple who’ve misplaced their Wimbledon tickets and are having difficulties in giving up their room to a celebrity who needs it immediately.




Settling Accounts  
Brian John Shepherd
Billy Jay Rolfe
Going Home
Mother Anne Gregory
Lauren Susan Marinakis
Diane and Sidney
Diana Andrea Unwin
Sidney Peter Calver
Grace Susan Marinakis
The Man on the Floor
Mark Chris Hannigan
Annie Julie Anderson
Mrs Stilgood Morven Rae
Bellman/Bellboy Jay Rolfe
Dr McMerlin Reg Anderson
Director Ian Brown