Pitmen Painters posterThe Pitmen Painters

by Lee Hall

14 to 23 February 2019

When a group of coal miners begin evening classes with a Master of Painting from King’s College Newcastle, they want to learn about art: what’s good, what’s bad and what it all means. What started out as an unassuming evening class in Art Appreciation in the 1930s becomes one of the great stories of the century, as The Ashington Group’s paintings take the British art world by storm. Based on this true story, The Pitmen Painters is an inspiring, funny, feelgood play about ordinary people doing extraordinary things, and the magic that can be found in everyday life.



Oliver Kilbourn Marc Thompson
Helen Sutherland Sandie Kirk
Jimmy Floyd Richard Haslam
George Brown Chester Stern
Robert Lyon Peter Damesick
Susan Parks Jess Weetman
Ben Nicholson Danniel Horton
Harry Wilson Michael Cooke
Young Lad Ben Ekrem
Director Julie Cumbo