Key for Two posterKey for Two

by John Chapman & Dave Freeman

11 to 20 January 2018

This is a bedroom farce. Saucy, simple – and very funny. It concerns a lively lady named Harriet who lives a comfortable life in a luxury flat in Brighton. It is all paid for by two gentlemen – each unknown to the other – who pay the rent in return for the occasional comfort of Harriet’s bed. All goes well until the arrival of a stream of visitors. First is Harriet’s long-time friend Anne, a girl with an eye for the men and just separated from her husband. Then Anne’s husband, who has always carried a torch for Harriet. Finally, two suspicious wives looking for their husbands who, they think, are being treated in Harriet’s nursing home. Preposterous? Of course. But forget logic. Prepare for an evening of undemanding fun.

Booking opens for members on 3 October; general public on 16 October