Nell Gwynn newNell Gwynn

by Jessica Swale

15 – 24 June 2017

This wonderfully entertaining comedy is a romp through the familiar story of Nell Gwynn, the orange seller who became an actress and then the long-time mistress of King Charles II. Nell Gwynn is the leading character – a bawdy, witty, charming, sexy creature who gives as good as she takes from anyone and everyone. Surrounding her are a long list of actors, writers, tarts, theatre managers, stage hands, society ladies and gentlemen – and, of course, the king himself. Altogether, a glorious picture of late 17th century London life – both low and high – plus a bit of music and dance. Altogether, a delight which we shall be taking to MInack in July 2017.



Nell Gwynn Pamela Cuthill
King Charles James Rolfe
Rose Hannah Millsted-Bowdery
Nancy Helen Dunford
Lady Castlemaine Danielle Lautier
Edward Kynaston Robin Clark
John Dryden Jamie Heath
Louise de Keroualle Jen Allum
Old Ma Gwynn Denise Scales
Queen Catherine Gail Bishop
Charles Hart Andy Kempton
Thomas Killigrew Lawrence Marsh
Lord Arlington David Kay
Ned Spiggett Cris Semple
Heckler/Servant David Foster
Heckler/Servant Sue Fanthome
Director Mike Millsted