TheWinslowBoy WEB2


by Terence Rattigan

21 – 30 March 2024 at 8pm; Matinée: Saturday 30 March at 2.30pm

Tickets: £14. Group Discount: 10 tickets for the price of 9.

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Cadet Ronnie Winslow is expelled from the Royal Naval College accused of stealing a 5 shilling postal order. His father, Arthur, refusing to believe his guilt and dissatisfied with the manner in which the investigation was conducted, demands a new inquiry and fights tirelessly for his son's honour. 

To clear the boy's name was imperative for the family's honour - had they not done so, they would have been shunned by their peers and society. Similarly, the boy's life would have been wrecked by an indelible stain on his character which would have followed him throughout adulthood. 

The play is based on a true story and explores the devastating effects on Ronnie’s family of the long fight for justice as money, promotion and romance are sacrificed in the determination to win at all costs.

This amateur production of ‘The Winslow Boy’ is presented by arrangement with Concord Theatricals Ltd. on behalf of Samuel French Ltd.


Ronnie Winslow Jacob Conway
Violet Mary-Rose Goodliffe
Grace Winslow Janet Edden
Arthur Winslow   Peter Damesick
Catherine Winslow   Harriet Datta
Dickie Winslow   Dan Horton
John Watherstone   Christopher Spear
Desmond Curry   Ian Brown
Miss Barnes   Catherine Elliott
Sir Robert Morton   Chris Hannigan
Director Michael Cooke