Beauty Queen of Leenane A3 posterThe Beauty Queen of Leenane

by Martin McDonagh

24 June to 3 July 2021

A darkly humorous play from the award-winning playwright, screenwriter and director, Martin McDonagh (In Bruges and Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri). Set in the mountains of Connemara, County Galway, McDonagh’s debut play tells the tale of Maureen Folan, a plain and lonely spinster in her early forties, and Mag her devilishly manipulative ageing mother whose interference in Maureen's first - and potentially last - loving relationship sets in motion a train of events that is as funny as it is unsettling. Maureen might long for the romance that will spirit her away, but if she goes, who will stir the lumps out of Mag's Complan?

Please note: contains strong language and violence.



Maureen Folan Croia Reilly
Mag Folan Susie Timms
Pato Dooley Daniel Jewell
Ray Dooley Alfie Lanham-Brown
Director Russell Gregory