From September 2021, we will gradually relax our previous Covid Secure practices and reintroducing some of the services customers normally expect, such as a Bar and Ice Creams. We hope that by Christmas we can be back to normal - or as normal as the situation then allows.

Social Distancing, Face Masks & Hand Sanitisation

To start with, we've removed socially distanced seating in the Theatre, so all 186 may be occupied. However, please try to observe good social distancing practices whilst moving around and avoid close contact with others wherever possible.

Whilst there is no legal requirement to wear face masks, we would ask that - out of courtesy to others - you do so whilst in the Miller Centre. We will continue to provide hand sanitiser at various points around the building - do please make use of this as necessary.

Just a brief word of reassurance: we have a ventilation system in the Auditorium which brings in fresh air from outside; the air is changed several times every hour.

Contactless Payments

We are taking the opportunity to alter the way that we handle cash, to reduce contact with coins and notes. We will gradually introduce payment by Contactless credit and debit cards, starting with the Bar. You will still be able to use cash, but we'd prefer payment by card.

Sweets, Programmes, Ice Creams, Teas and Coffees

In September, we will not have sweets on sale (so if you want something to chew during the show, please bring your own!) nor will Coffee and Tea be available.

Programmes will be on sale, priced at £1. You can buy them at the Box Office, using a Contactless card. There will also be a supply in the Foyer with an honesty box for coins - these will be self-service.

Ice Creams will be on sale in the Auditorium during the Interval - please note that we've increased the price to £2 each (still a bargain compared to the West End!) Please have the right coins/notes available to help reduce the need to handle change.

Contact Tracing

On arrival you may still Check In using the NHS Covid App if you wish, but we are not collecting contact details for those who do not have a Smartphone. Our ticket booking system has a record of all people who purchased tickets for each performance.

Feeling unwell?

Please do not attend a show if you have Covid symptoms, feel unwell or have been told to isolate. Ideally let us know if you are not coming but, in any event, you can obtain a refund by contacting the Box Office when you are able to.

And finally ....

Finally - and most importantly - please enjoy the experience of being back in the Miller Centre and the magic of Live Theatre!