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The Miller Centre Theatre’s current response to the pandemic

Our theatre remains closed until further notice. We will be back on stage as soon as it is safe to do so.
For more information about our response please click here.
However, our creativity continues...

Toilet Rollover


From the start of Lockdown, there was just one thing on people’s minds. All over the UK, from Looe in Cornwall to Scratchy Bottom in Dorset, and as far up as Gentlemen’s Cave in the Orkneys, wild eyed folk were searching high and low for the one thing they wanted. Forget the pasta, the tinned tomatoes, flour and yeast - what people sought was even scarcer! They weren’t fussed if it was single, double or triple ply, if it was quilted or plain, own brand or well-known name, recycled or virgin pulp, white, blue or pink. They just wanted it by the lorry load.

The Master of the Rolls invited The Miller Centre Theatre to capture on video some examples of what happened when individual desires were fulfilled, when that long sought for item became theirs. This film is the result. It is soft and strong, but not very long - just 16 minutes.

Enjoy. We're just glad to get this out of our cistern. Click here to view.


Miller Monologues

monologue collage

A temporarily closed Theatre cannot stop our creative drive for finding new ways to produce drama. We have challenged our members to write monologues on the theme of 'Keeping in Touch‘ to be performed by our own actors and shared with our community.

> Click here to view all 50 monologues!

A brand new set will be released in September on the theme ‘Today is a good day'.



Safeguarding and other Policies

The Miller Centre Theatre Company and the Miller Centre Club respect the diverse ethnic, faith, sexual orientation and lifestyles of our community, audience and membership and have in place policies to cover Anti-Bullying and Harassment, Equality and Diversity and the Safeguarding of Young People and Adults at Risk.

Pamela Cuthill, our Safeguarding Officer, has recently updated our various policies which can be viewed and downloaded here.

These policies include full details of our obligations and responsibilities together with contact information and the complaints procedure. All members are encouraged to familiarise themselves with these policies.

Film Club Update

Film Club will return as soon as we can reopen. Watch this space!