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The Miller Centre Theatre’s current response to the pandemic

Following further government announcements, and the ever-evolving coronavirus situation, we have taken the difficult decision to cancel all events at the Miller Centre until September at the earliest. For more information about our response please click here. Please click here for ticket refunds.

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Miller Monologues

A temporarily closed Theatre cannot stop our creative drive for finding new ways to produce drama. We have challenged our members to write monologues on the theme of 'Keeping in Touch‘ to be performed by our own actors and shared with our community. Watch out for them here throughout the next few months.

Click on the title to view video:


**NEW** 50. I Caught a Rainbow Today **NEW**
Writer: Keith Orton
Actor: Jules Anderson
It is much more than a weather phenomenon...


**NEW** 49. Every Cloud **NEW**
Writer: Iain McGrath
Actor: Gail Bishop
For one woman, lockdown ended a year ago...


48. The Letter
Writer: Cas Frost
Actor: Janet Edden
Now, how should I start?...


47. Zoomed
Writer: Harry Medawar
Actor: Peter Calver
The lighter side of lockdown...


46. Press Conference
Writer: Tony Dent
Actor: Adam Stevens
Downing Street Press Conferences were never like this...


45. Going Full Method
Writer: Julia Rogers
Actor: Lucinda Banton
Learning to love the process...


44. One Week Stand
Writer: Gail Bishop
Actor: Lucy Baker
They say you only get to know someone when thay move in together...


43. Dilemma for One
Writer: Brian Miller
Actor: Jamie Heath
One never knows, does one...


42Getting Out
Writer: Rachel Smeeth
Actor: Andrea Unwin
You can't keep telling yourself things are going to be alright...


41. Closure
Writer: Chris Hannigan
Actor: Mark Keegan (Pendry)
Everone’s got a guilty secret. Some secrets are more guilty than others...


40. Lockdown Blues
Writer: Mickie Wynne-Davies
Actor: Mickie Wynne-Davies
When the blues hit, it’s total...


39. Joe and I
Writer: Holly Marsh
Actor: Keith Orton
There are some people you never lose touch with...


38. Innit Like
Writer: Brian Miller
Actor: Pamela Cuthill
It’s so easy to create your own problems. Be happy with what you've got...


37. Going Unnoticed
Writer: Russ Gregory
Actor: Jay Rolfe
Haven't seen whatisname for a few days...


36. Home
Writer: Patricia Saunders
Actor: Sally Bosman
I'm happy just as I am...


35. Bridging the Gap
Writer: Laura Ship
Actor: Holly Marsh
Covid-19 isn't the only issue keeping us apart...


34. Coping with Chianti
Writer: Lucinda Banton
Actor: Julia Rogers
Whatever happens, keep the Zen...


33. Long Distance
Writer: Mike Millsted
Actor: Tony Richardson
We all wish we could make that journey, but responsibly we know we shouldn’t...


32Little Boxes
Writers: Jackie Barrie
Actor: Jen Allum
Feeling boxed in during lockdown?...


31. Keeping in Touch
Writer: Julia Gibbs
Actor: Kay Price
Life was supposed to get easier...


30Still Here
Writers: Alice Monaghan and Abbie Kell (Young Players)
Actor: William Gao
When you want to connect but don't know how...


29And Then It Happened
Writer: Tony Dent
Actor: Sue Rider
It's never too late to learn...


28Can They Tell?
Writer: Mia Skytte
Actor: Mia Skytte
This time I know it's going to be different...


27Tidings of Comfort and Joy
Writer: Anne Gregory
Actor: Anne Gregory
A woman’s obsession brings her mixed blessings in this humorous tale...


26I Knew He Liked Her
Writer: Lucy Baker
Actor: Pamela Cuthill
Be careful you don't jump to conclusions...


25Flock Together
Writer: Keith Orton
Actors: Claire and Iain McGrath
The rooftops of London, coooo what a sight...


24. Second Thoughts
Writer: Tony Dent
Actor: Mike Millsted
A would-be writer reflects on his options...


23. Neptune Calling
Writer: Julie Burke
Actor: Chester Stern
Time and tide will carry on...


22. Just a Quickie
Writers: Mickie Wynne-Davies & Vicky Watkins
Actor: Vicky Watkins
Everybody needs a whine now and again...


21. Out of the Mouth of Babes
Writer: William Shakespeare
Translator: Pamela Cuthill
Actor: Ollie Archer
Something giggly this way comes...


20. The Times they are a Changing
Writer: Steve Webb
Actor: Mark Keegan (Pendry)
A poetic plea for our lives that have to change...


19Casting Aspirations
Writer: Iain McGrath
Actor: Berry Butler
It's a truth universally acknowledged by thespians everywhere, that drama isn't just confined to the stage...


18. Keep Away From People
Writer: Russ Gregory
Actor: Russ Gregory
Infomercial by the forthright Peter Francis Wilkinson...


17. Postcards from Abroad
Writer: Jenny Kingman
Actor: Susie Timms
You can never forget that special friend...


16. Tina
Writer: Steve Webb
Actor: Pamela Cuthill
A futuristic reminiscence...


15. Over
Writer: Peter Shore
Actor: Penny Parker
A coastguard faces her personal challenge when life at sea hits home...


14. The Other Side of Me
Writer: Iain McGrath
Actor: Robin Clark
All the world’s a stage and one man in his time plays many parts...


13. Vimy Ridge
Writer: Tony Dent
Actor: Gerard Kelly
Shades of things to come when Davey takes a tumble...


12. A Disembodied Head on the Coffee Table 
Writer: Rachel Smeeth
Actor: Andrea Unwin
A disgruntled book club member decides it’s time for a new chapter...


11. One Last Outing
Writer: Steve Bishop
Actor: Chris Hearn
What could possibly go wrong?...
Contains some swearing


10. Checking In
Writer: Adam Stevens
Actor: Sally Bosman
When a business trip request is anything but normal...


9. There’s No Smoke Without Fire
Writer: Keith Orton
Actor: Janet Edden
The burning question; is today the day the truth is discovered?


8. Letter to my Love
Writer: Harry Medawar
Actor: Michael Cooke
Staying close to the one you love isn’t always as easy as you might think...
Contains brief swearing


7. Funny Goings On
Writer: Jenny Kingman
Actor: Joe Crisfield
An audio recording


6. Disappearing
Writer/Actor: Helen Dunford
A few months from now, one woman's efforts 'not to be a nuisance or anything'


5. He Weren’t Kidding
Writer: Simon Webb
Actor: Chris Hannigan
A hard hitting intrgiung mystery
Contains some strong language


4. Fortune Favours the Brave
Writer: Iain McGrath
Actor: Lucy Baker
We all need a little humour in these stressful times. So here’s an uplifting little yarn about a certain Brave.


3. You Just Never Know
Writer/Actor: Brian Miller


2. Touch Lines
Writer: Peter Shore
Actor: Tony Richardson
An audio recording


1. Available for Collection
Writer: Keith Orton
Actor: Joe Crisfield
Contains some strong language



Safeguarding and other Policies

The Miller Centre Theatre Company and the Miller Centre Club respect the diverse ethnic, faith, sexual orientation and lifestyles of our community, audience and membership and have in place policies to cover Anti-Bullying and Harassment, Equality and Diversity and the Safeguarding of Young People and Adults at Risk.

Pamela Cuthill, our Safeguarding Officer, has recently updated our various policies which can be viewed and downloaded here.

These policies include full details of our obligations and responsibilities together with contact information and the complaints procedure. All members are encouraged to familiarise themselves with these policies.

Film Club Update

Film Club will return as soon as we can reopen. Watch this space!